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FrontapageFirstPlus Integrated Business Solution (Firstplus) is a Nigerian Software company based  in Lagos, offering Open Source solutions and services. The main focus of FirstPlus is  to assist organizations in improving their performance with complete, integrated and flexible solutions developed to underpin the strategic objectives of their business and meet their immediate and evolving needs and goals.   Read more…..

firstplus solutions

FirstPlus Solutions

Currently, many organizations are faced with the challenges of computerizing their operations with quality software that assist them to achieve their business objectives.  The challenges are cost of software, quality implementation (doing it right the first time) and empowering their personnel to use the applications properly.

To ensure that our customers overcome these challenges, improve their performance and achieve their business goals, FirstPlus offers Open Source Software-enabled solutions. We access the customer’s needs, recommend appropriate solutions, implement and deploy these solutions.  We are offering Open Source solution because of the benefits they offer —cost, flexibility, freedom, security, and accountability—that are unsurpassed by propriety software solutions. … Unlike closed proprietary software, Open Source Software is free to use, distribute, and modify.  Read more….

firstplus services

FirstPlus Services

FirstPlus offers comprehensive services and solutions that add value to organizations through effective application of knowledge and their learning and training functions from a cost center to an ROI generating powerhouse. Our success will be based on our Experience, Adopting best practices, Commitment to quality and Established procedures and Analysis. Our procedures, technical expertise and knowledge enable us to provide practical support and advice that are based on sound professional principles.

Our services are the end result of our efforts and are the best in servicing our customers. As our services are viewed so we are viewed.

Our major areas of strength include: Website Design, Web Content,  Software DevelopmentE-Learning ,Business,  Consulting and   Training,

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