Moodle LMS Deployment

Moodle LMS Deployment: FirstPlus can work with you to investigate and implement a solid framework capable of supporting your vision of re-useability, with the added benefit of an integrated workflow process, versioning control, and a single-source repository capable of outputting materials to almost any device or form.

The framework used by FirstPlus to deploy Moodle Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) consists of the following phases:

Analysis – Our business consultants work with clients to conduct a thorough assessment of the end-users’ needs, content architecture and instructional design processes. The aim is to define and select the most appropriate LCMS strategy that will meet the clients’ needs, and to define cost-effective and efficient processes that allow client teams to collaboratively author, store, and reuse content using their chosen solution. FirstPlus can also provide resources experienced in content and media development.

Initial Preparation – FirstPlus provides customers with a hardware specification based on the number of users, the amount of content, and usage model. This information allows customers to procure the specified hardware.

Installation – FirstPlus conducts the Moodle software installation and assist the clients’ system administrator with learning the installation process.

Validation Test – Once the software is installed, FirstPlus  conducts validation tests to ensure all components of the system are properly configured and operating normally in the clients’ environments. Desktop installations and validation tests are performed for the integrated development environment, Forms, and Review modes to ensure all required software is installed at the proper versions.


Technical Training – Depending on clients’ requirements, technical training is provided using an on-site and/or online training delivery format. The training includes the following system administration, database maintenance, and application maintenance training topics:

•        System Architecture Overview

•        Installation

•        Configuring the Server

•        Server Log Files and Configuration

•        Clients’ Log Files and Configuration

•        User Management

•        Create/Edit/Delete

•        Document Import/Export

•        Database Backup

•        User Data Backup

Project Team Training – With a functioning system, software functionality and best practices training is conducted for the project team. The class consists of a series of guided labs that introduce the concepts of basic authoring, content management, workflow, publishing, and deployments. This initial training is also supported with WBT tutorials provided after the initial training.

Template Configuration – FirstPlus configures the content modules, and offers training on how to use and maintain authoring and publishing templates. Typically the Product Orientation Training reveals small issues resulting in a few adjustments to be made to the authoring and publishing templates. These requirements are documented, and then implemented. With the templates updated, FirstPlus validates the changes to the templates and the system is ready for use.

Product Orientation and User Training – Training is provided for the user community using selected content. The class consists of a series of guided labs that introduce the concepts of basic authoring, content management, workflow, publishing and deployments. Training is focused on simulating a complete development cycle. FirstPlus can work with clients’ to run the system in a simulated environment, typically performed as a series of conference room pilots, over the course of two weeks. During each session, roles, responsibilities, and process refinements are made. Remote support is available during this process to assist the project team in resolving issues and sharing best practices.

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