Steps to E-Learning

Steps To Developing a Learning Strategy

Development of a Learning Business Plan and Strategy involves five key steps: Visioning, Business Unit Interviews, Translation, Validation, and finally Strategy Development.


1.     The Visioning process is designed to create enthusiasm for a learning culture within an organization. A cross-functional steering group is formed to represent the various constituents within the organization – including business units and skill areas. An overview of the learning industry is provided to this team that begins the visioning process. This group is also encouraged to identify quick wins in the organization for the use of learning technology.

2.    The Business Unit Interview process is designed to understand and document current and desired business process around training and development. In this phase, specific measures of business unit performance are examined for the opportunity to enhance and create efficiencies.

3.    In the Translation phase, the interview data is analyzed with process calculators which assist in the identification of opportunities to introduce learning technology. All processes that could be affected by these new opportunities are optimized based upon our industry expertise and current market benchmarks. Finally, the translation process looks for the proverbial ‘needle in the haystack’ – that innovation which will push your company beyond the competition in terms of human capital management.

4.    Once an initial translation is complete, the findings are then Validated. The first validation step is with the business units themselves – ‘Is this optimization (or innovation) realistic? What will it take to make this work in the organization?’ A second validation step is then taken with a financial officer in the organization to validate revenue and cost metrics used in translation. This financial validation creates further buy in with the executive team.

5.    Once a solid business case has been developed, the opportunities presented in the business case define the Strategy. This strategy is typically stated in the form of a three year plan with phases of selection and deployment for different technologies and content. This becomes the roadmap for the organization as you begin to deploy learning technology and begin realizing your training, business unit and organizational goals.

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