Implementation Approach

Implementation Approach (Incremental Delivery Model)

Our software are designed to be modular, thus its delivery is incremental, module-by-module. This ensures that the users starts using the software very early during the implementation period and do not have to wait for the entire software to go live. This approach is an Output Driven Approach (Reports)

 It is believed that the level of success of our implementation of our software equates with degree of usage of the software. It is also believed that the degree of usage of the software can be reasonably be equated with drawing output from the system. These outputs normally take the form of reports that could be displayed on screen or be printed. Our implementation approach focuses on the prioritised reports that are produced from the system. From our side, reports define the correctness of the data inputs, processing and system operations. Once the reports are clear and verified correct then the whole process is correct. It is necessary to state that changes required to existing report formats and/or requirements of new reports, impacts the basics such as master file creation, modifications to data entry forms as well as data processing logics of the base data. Clarity on the objectives of the report helps to define the path that needs to be taken

 Reports form Tangible Deliverables and thus help in driving SIM by clearly definable objectives. Without these Tangible Deliverables, the project tends to chase the bigger and unclear targets, jeopardizing the project progress. This focus also helps the user tremendously in concentrating on a limited requirement set at any given time, allowing them visualize their requirements without losing sight of the big picture. This approach has been found to be extremely effective in situations where knowledge of  is at its early stages.

 Whether the implementation involves a stand-alone or a single module, SIM has proved to be successful. It is an approach that implements our software right the first time.

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