FirstPlus Training Courses

FirstPlus Training Courses FirstPlus Training Courses


FirstPlus provide Onsite, Offsite and Online training course. Our courses covers the following major areas Web design and  Web Marketing ,E-Learning and  Moodle.

We organize two types of training: General course and Specific courses.

For the specific courses we work with the individuals or organizations to identify their need.

And design the course to suite them.

While the general courses are designed to meet our perception of the participants need. Presented below are the general courses that we offer.

WordPress Web Design and Web Marketing Courses

FirstPlus provides 1-on-1 and   groups training for individuals and corporate organizations. The training session will be completely customized for participants’ particular needs. Generally all our web design course are designed for beginners. Participants do not need to have any web designing or technical skills.

Our WorPress Web Design and Web marketing courses are:

  1. WordPress Course for Web Designers

  2. WordPress Course for SME – Business, Professionals and Bloggers

  3. Copy-writing and developing Content & SEO Strategy

  4. Promoting your blog and Traffic driving strategies

  5. Setting up online and ecommerce stores.

Moodle Technical Training

Depending on clients’ requirements, our Moodle technical training includes the following system administration, database maintenance, and application maintenance training topics:

Project Team Training

With a functioning system, software functionality and best practices training is conducted for the project team. The class consists of a series of guided labs that introduce the concepts of basic authoring, content management, workflow, publishing, and deployments. This initial training is also supported with WBT tutorials provided after the initial training.

 User Training

Training is provided for the user community using selected content. The class consists of a series of guided labs that introduce the concepts of basic authoring, content management, workflow, publishing and deployments. Training is focused on simulating a complete development cycle. FirstPlus can work with clients’ to run the system in a simulated environment, typically performed as a series of conference room pilots, over the course of two weeks. During each session, roles, responsibilities, and process refinements are made. Remote support is available during this process to assist the project team in resolving issues and sharing best practices.

FirstPlus…… Adding premium value through service

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